Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bad Dreams I Have

These are the recurring nightmares I have been having most of my life.  They are listed in no particular order.  Feel free to leave a comment telling me yours.

1. I am back in college and it is finals week.  I realize I am signed up for a class that I have not attended all semester.  When I explain the situation to "the office" they tell me there is nothing that can be done and that I should take the final and see what happens.

2. I am running and a giant ball of dried glue is chasing me and bowling me over.

3.  I am at my childhood home.  I start to walk around the neighborhood and realize there are wild and rabid dogs and hyenas prowling around.

4. My teeth itch and hurt and then I taste blood and reach up and realize my teeth are falling out.  I have googled this one and it is a classic dream to have if you are a control freak and feel out of control.  Well, that explains it.


Jen C. said...

I get #1 and #4 pretty regularly. Have you googled "getting chased by a giant ball of glue"?

On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

OMG I tell chance all the time that I have a dream that just one of my front teeth fell out. It is probably the most traumatic dream I have ever experienced over and over!
I also only have dreams that include houses about 8038...even with people from the present, they are always taking place at the old house.