Sunday, October 9, 2011

Orange Leaf

College sister manages an Orange Leaf back in my hometown.  It might have been the night after her wedding, she took all the little cousins for a back stage tour of the place.  Oh they LOVED it! They think she is the coolest. She IS!  I had a couple of cool aunts too.  My Colorado Aunt was in college when I was a kid and she would sun herself in my kiddie pool with cucumbers on her eyes.  My San Antonio Aunt lived with us for awhile and she gave me gum for the first time.  She also served me raw hot dogs on a fishing trip.  (it wasn't half bad) Also my first fishing trip. But I digress.  My girls have college sister and she is the BEST.  She let them help make the big vats of ice cream.  I think they made chocolate brownie and peanut butter.

She is funny:

Look at all the nummy mix-ins they use.  My favorite is cake batter.


Of course eating as much as you want for free is the best part:



Baby cousin:
Here I am wooing my baby niece with bites of my ice cream.  It worked!

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On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

haha love this! i need all my nieces and my nephew to come eat up all my ice cream! i miss you guys! :(