Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hometown Saturday Night

As I mentioned, when I was in my hometown, the sisters + one future BIL went out on the town. Could my sisters and I look any more different? We actually do have some similarities. (notice the chins) My mom says we all look so different because we were all born in different decades.

Feel free to play this song for your listening pleasure while reading this.

Best line "Lucy's got her lipstick on a little too bright.  Bobby's gettin drunk and lookin for a fight."

Second best line "Lucy you know the world must be flat.  Cause people leave town and never some back."

The weather was great and after 24 kid free hours and a nice glass of wine, I do believe I felt 18 23 again! Here we are at The Pumphouse.

Later a little dancing:

Stopped here on the way home...

...for some crazy donuts. They have one with bacon on the top!

The next day we went to see THE dress:

While College Sister got into her dress, Chicago Sister and I may have messed around a little with the bride stuff:

She looks inocent here, but she was trying stuff on too.

We also ate a lot of "complimentary" ice cream at the ice cream store that College Sister manages:

College BIL is just awesome.  He is the perfect third for our husband trifecta! He is always saying things like, "I'll get that." and "What's next ladies?" Sunday afternoon before we had to leave, he was sleeping on the couch at my parent's house. College Sister says, "you can go home babe!" and he said, "NO...I'm not going home until your sisters leave."  He is also pretty funny though and takes all the teasing we dish out.  There was one little incident with a bouncer at one of the clubs that he may never live down. I won't go into it all here, but suffice it to say, if he needs to, he can go to the ATM.

After a loooong day of canceled flights etc....I was so glad to see my babies at the airport at 2 in the morning. Because of course now, my real home is this medium sized town where I am a home school mom and political wife who only dances at weddings and can't eat donuts because of the carbs.


Kelli said...

Welcome home. I think you and your sister do look alike....especially and and Chicago sister. What a sweet man your little sister is marrying and what a fun time!

On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

SOOO cute! i miss you ! and i love chauncy's ATM story lol!
and i cant wait to bring chauncy to ohio!