Saturday, April 24, 2010

Camp Out

PK2's best buddy turned five last week and last night there was a birthday party and camp out to celebrate. How much do we love this cake?

The tents:

Hot dogs and s'mores:

Pinata (this is the birthday boy):

This is my daughter wearing the pinata dinosaur rear-end on her head after they broke it up. Is she going to be "that girl" at parties in a few years?

Around ten, the moms got everyone ready for bed and ran home for a bubble bath good nights sleep! The daddies stayed with the kids for the camp over part.

In the country, morning comes around 6:45:

Pancake breakfast:

They got home around 11 this morning, smelly, dirty and tired, but happy. They have wanted to sleep in a tent for years! With me for a mom, this was a great way to finally make it happen.


schwadette said...

I'm so glad the weather cooperated! I said a special prayer last night that the rain would hold off! How nice for YOU!! :)

stephanie j. said...

This looks like a wonderful campout...I LOVE that cake!